Leap of Fate: developing a new tablet control scheme for fast gameplay

Can a tablet control scheme be as effective as a PC or console control scheme? Montreal indie games studio Clever-Plays showed they were up to the task by creating new controls for mobile that make superfast gameplay possible.

Leap of Fate is a superfast game for PC and mobile. It’s part rogue-like (death is permanent), part hack-and-slash (the gameplay emphasizes combat), and features a rich story told through motion comics style cut scenes.

Dissatisfied with a lot of the mobile offerings for hard-core gamers, Clever-Plays invented a totally new control scheme for tablets to make the gameplay as fast on mobile as it is on PC.

“The philosophy was to create a control scheme in which you don’t have to look at the interface at all. So wherever you put your thumbs, it would work.”

- Mattieu Bégin, Co-founder and Game Designer at Clever-Plays

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