Now & Next Podcast E01 – Inside YouTube: Beyond Dogs on Skateboards and Viral Video

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What are the business opportunities YouTube has to offer producers and talent? In this episode, Mark Swierszcz, head of Toronto’s YouTube Space, provides a closer look at the platform’s roadmap for creators.

YouTube began in 2005 as random clips uploaded by anyone, and is now a destination for both creators and viewers around the world.

In the midst of the more than 1 billion hours of video watched in over 90 countries on YouTube daily, the platform has minted thousands of its own stars, and has demonstrated just how far we’ve come from the world of traditional approaches to program development and TV schedules.

In Spring 2016 YouTube opened YouTube Space Toronto, a place for creators to meet and to access the latest in production facilities and know how, to attend workshops on industry best practices, and just generally how to become better YouTubers.

So what are the business opportunities that YouTube has to offer producers and talent? We met with Mark Swierszcz, Operations Lead at the Toronto YouTube Space, and in this episode he provides us with a closer look at:

  • YouTube's roadmap for technical development and talent development for creators and content production companies, both on a global scale and at the Canadian HQ (03:21)
  • The monetization features recently introduced on the platform for creators and partners (10:22)
  • Video as a platform (12:13)
  • Canadian talent hitting above its average in terms of creating next level of creator (14:21)
  • What could be coming out from integration between Google Home and YouTube (29:50)

Here's an extract of the interview. Full transcript of the conversation is also available.

"There's no road map for this. There's a roadmap to scale, there's a road map to scale data, there's a road map to scale delivery of content, but once you hit this massive point that YouTube is at, there's no roadmap”. We're trying to figure out as we go along but that means building amazing copyright protection system so that everyone's rights are protected whether it's through take down notices, whether it's through monetization, whether it's through copyright strikes, whether it's notices, copyright is protected. Then also, machine learning and algorithms are applied to let's say bad actors or content that we don't want to have on the platform." - Mark Swierszcz, Head of Toronto’s YouTube Space 

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