Time Machine VR: Virtual Reality Dinosaur Safari

Live from the Montreal International Game Summit, Minority Media’s Rommel Romero introduces the eagerly awaited project Time Machine VR and shares the studio’s experience with developing a virtual reality game.

Minority Media presents Time Machine VR, a pre-apocalyptic exploration and adventure game in which the player incarnates a scientist who travels through time to find dinosaurs in order to find a cure for the raging epidemic that is attacking humankind.

Rommel Romero, Media Relations Manager and Writer, gives a few tips to developers who are embarking on their first virtual reality project:

“As developers, we acquire work habits that do not necessarily apply to virtual reality. For example, we have a habit of cutting scenes to explain parts of the intrigue: overusing this technique in VR could make the player uncomfortable.”

-Rommel Romero, Minority Media’s Media Relations Manager and Writer

To watch the interview:

Time Machine VR is available on an early access basis on Steam, with the official launch slated for April 2016. See the Facebook and Twitter pages for news.

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