Wits and Warfare: studying players to personalize their experience

Broadcasting from the Montréal International Game Summit, Keith Makse, of Red Meat Games, presents the strategy game Wits and Warfare and explains how they personalize the game mechanics for each player.

Red Meat Games studio presents Wits and Warfare, a strategy empire/trivia game hybrid in which the player’s personal profile (age, country of origin, areas of interest, etc.) and behaviour are analyzed to personalize the level of difficulty of the questions and thus maintain interest.

“What we’re doing is we’re actually reading what people’s behavior is on the trivia games. (…) We’re determining exactly what the difficulty level of each question is so they’re being optimized constantly by gameplay.”

- Keith Makse, President and CEO of Red Meat Games

In an interview, the President and CEO of Red Meat Games also explains the decision to relocate the original St. John’s, Newfoundland, studio to an incubator in the Waterloo, Ontario, region.

To watch the interview:

The game is currently available on iTunes and Android.

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