Zombie Apocalypse…from the comic book to the screen!

Live from the Montreal International Game Summit, Lateef Martin of Miscellaneum Studios talks about the video game Z’Isle, inspired by a zombie apocalypse comic book series.

Miscellaneum Studios presents Z’Isle, a game based on the reconstruction of a city where the player controls a group of survivors who must reconquer the Island of Montreal following a zombie apocalypse.

Before it became a game, the world of Z’Isle originated in a comic book series of the same name. In an interview, Miscellaneum Studios founder explains how the transposition of the Z’Isle universe to a video game will allow them to reach new audiences:

“My company is a transmedia company. We don’t just do games. We want to make sure we can reach huge numbers of players through many different portals.”

– Lateef Martin, creative director and founder

To watch the interview:

Z’Isle should be available in 2017, early 2018. In the meantime, visit the Z’Isle Facebook page for the latest news and progress reports.

A new installment will go online at Indie Games Level Up! on Wednesday, January 27. Check it out for more information on the Canadian independent games scene or subscribe directly to the YouTube channel or iTunes podcast.

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