Futur et médias Podcast: What’s Next in Media in Six Episodes

Vacation rhymes with podcasts! Because you’ll be travelling long distances this summer, this is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with episodes of Futur et médias that you may have missed—or to binge all six episodes!

Futur et médias provides you with in-depth interviews that analyze digital transformations in the media and entertainment industry. As we actively prepare for the second season of Now & Next, the English-language podcast, here is what caught our attention during the first season of the French-language podcast.

Digital broadcasting: A privileged look at APTN’s reflection

With APTN,the world’s first national indigenous broadcaster, about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Executive Director of Programming and Scheduling Monika Ille talks about the progress made and presents her vision of the channel’s future. In a context where content consumption habits are changing, what can the broadcaster bet on to reinvent its distribution model, stand out from the competition and create a prosperous future for itself?

The experience of Groupe Média TFO with blockchain

Is it a good idea to apply blockchain technology to Canada’s audiovisual production industry? A 2018 pilot project by Ontario-based francophone public media org Groupe Média TFO may hold some answers. In this episode, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Eric Minoli, and Digital Products Manager, Ulrich Dessouassi, share the insights generated by this initiative to simplify rights management and the essential steps that must be followed to implement technology on a larger scale.

Distorsion podcast: The recipe for success

When Émile Gauthier and Sébastien Lévesque, two friends fascinated by the web’s mysteries, launched Distorsion in 2017, they wouldn’t have guessed that their podcast would be so successful. Today, their podcast steeped in research is listened to throughout—and beyond—the French-speaking world. What can other podcasters learn from this success? This episode deals with building audience loyalty, monetizing audio content, and discoverability—three essential ingredients to find one’s place in the burgeoning podcasting industry.

Ubisoft and Location-Based Virtual Reality

Even though only 3.1% of Canadians owned a virtual reality (VR) headset at the end of 2018, the VR phenomenon is still thriving. However, the industry has moved out of homes, making headway in movie theatres and shopping centres. According to market intelligence firm Greenlight Insights, which focuses on virtual reality and augmented reality, VR venues are about to pop up from coast to coast to coast. We’ll go from 68 such centres in 2018 to almost 400 in 2022. In this episode, Ubisoft Senior Vice President of Business Development, Technology and Strategic Alliances Deborah Papiernik talks to us about her company’s marked interest in location-based entertainment.

TV content for francophone youth, as perceived by Wookey Films

In French-speaking Canada, the lion’s share of francophone youth TV production is concentrated in Québec. So how can francophone content producers in regions with large Anglophone majorities bring their stories to screens—and experience widespread success doing so? The Franco-Métis, brother-and-sister duo formed by Jérémie and Janelle Wookey offers us its insights on the hit TV show Comment devenir adulte, which explores the lives of Winnipeg’s francophone teens. The series became the most-watched content on UnisTV’s website when it first hit the internet.

MUBI’s recipe: Quality before personalization

Many over-the-top (OTT) services exploit personalization. Yet other models are trying to do things differently. MUBI, a British company providing streaming services, has chosen to feature cult classics and gems plucked from film festivals, as assembled by a team of film buffs. One new film a day is made available on the platform, and subscribers have 30 days to enjoy each movie. In this episode, MUBI’s Director of International Programming Anaïs Lebrun talks to us about the principles that govern content curation and the unexpected international success of francophone content.