Futur et Médias Podcast E05 – Wookey Films on Francophone Youth TV outside Québec

What happens when two acclaimed documentarians leave the comfort of their normal framework and think up a youth TV series that dives into the lives of Manitoba’s francophone teens? The short answer is something like hit French-language show Comment devenir adulte, by brother-and-sister duo Jérémie and Janelle Wookey. The pair joins host Catherine Mathys for a chat on experiencing success with youth content today.

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TV content for francophone youth and kids according to Wookey Films

Caillou, Degrassi, Cracké, The Paw Patrol, Passe-Partout—Canada’s reputation is second to none when it comes to television content aimed at youth and children.

In French-speaking Canada, the lion’s share of francophone youth TV production is concentrated in Québec. So how can francophone content producers in regions with large Anglophone majorities bring their stories to screens—and experience widespread success doing so? Jérémie and Janelle Wookey’s experience holds many of the answers to that question. The Franco-Métis, brother-and-sister duo created hit TV show Comment devenir adulte, which explores the lives of Winnipeg’s francophone teens. The series became the most-watched content on UnisTV’s website when it first hit the internet.

In this episode, Jérémie and Janelle Wookey join Catherine Mathys for an insightful chat on experiencing success with youth television. It touches upon the following:

  • Producing francophone content in an English-majority setting (4:30)
  • The importance of diversity in youth content today (7:53)
  • What fuelled the widespread success of Comment devenir adulte (8:55)
  • How to speak to today’s teenagers (12:04)

Download an English-language transcript of the episode

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  • Read the Canada Media Fund’s annual reports, which contain data on investments in francophone youth content
  • For more data on francophone production in Canada, read the Canada Media Producers Association’s Profile 2018 report
  • Watch Comment devenir adulte on UnisTV’s website
  • Visit Wookey Films’ website


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