Méta-Media’s trends report: talking to the #NoBullshit generation

In its most recent trends report, the France Télévisions blog examined the younger demographic—an “on-demand” generation that has turned to new and different media for high-quality information and entertainment.

How can the media stay relevant and compelling? What are the key drivers for commitment and emotional connection? Is it really so difficult to produce and create content that interest this generation, who grew up with the Internet and carry a window to the world in their pocket?

Méta Media met with some of the talented minds behind this transformation. They pieced together the different aspects of these new habits, which will become increasingly dominant over time. After examining some concrete examples, they discussed which media formats, new and old, are currently making their way through the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa.

From Vice to Melty, Radio Canada to ZDF, from Mashable to Éclaireuses, Ohmygoal to Gamology, from Radio Univers FM to ActualitésCD, from Pokemon Go to YouTube—touching on TEDx, Musical.ly, Bitmoji and Snapchat—and finally from 360° video to VR. They dissect different formats and experiments to reveal the dominant traits of the media seducing millennials today.

Read the report (in French only) here.

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