Outlast, the art of horror video games

In an interview, Red Barrels studio co-founder Philippe Morin shares his ideas for development and promotion of independent games and reveals a few hints about the eagerly awaited Outlast 2 sequel.

Outlast is a game of horror and survival with a non-combat approach and a large part of the gameplay involves ways of escape. Red Barrel, the Montreal studio behind the hugely successful Outlast, is now working on development of an eagerly awaited sequel.

In an interview, studio co-founder Philippe Morin points out that in the marketing phase of a game it’s crucial to consider many options and accommodate the best of these to maximize the chances of making your project pay. He also encourages independent developers to carefully study market demand before getting into the development phase of a new game.

“As a game developer, you want to work on a game that you really like. But it’s very important to take time to study the market and create a project that makes sense. Ideally, you can have both: a game you’re passionate about, but which also makes sense financially.”

- Philippe Morin, co-founder of Red Barrels studio

Watch the full interview here:

Outlast 2 is currently in development for expected release in fall 2016. For the latest news, visit pages on SteamFacebook and Twitter.

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