Using Drones for TV shootings – Interview with Kaspi Films

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has propelled cinematographic innovation to new heights, trending in TV, film and commercial production as an affordable way to capture dynamic footage. Lightweight camera drone technology produces beautiful aerial views using a variety of remote controlled systems to offer captivating establishing shots, action shots, and motion tracking abilities.

In addition, the portability-linked savings certainly appeal to producers as the cost to relocate or reshoot is easier and faster than the setup of traditional devices like a crane or a track. Recent TV examples include: sporting events such as the recent Sochi Winter Olympics, commercial productions of high-energy motor vehicles, and even creative uses beyond media production.

In December of 2013, announced “Prime Air,” a service, experimental for now, designed to deliver packages with drone technology. The farming industry is also adopting drones for places where a tractor would be impractical, such as steep hillsides. The list goes on, as in this recent National Geographic article. And with many opportunities appearing every day for these robust devices, global tech leaders like Facebook and Google have invested in finding creative ways to expand their reach.

UAVs comes in all shapes and sizes and are ready to inspire some great entertainment. In this interview, we meet young entrepreneurs – the engineers and pilot behind Kaspi Films Inc., based in Ontario – as they talk about this exciting new technology.

Transcription de cette entrevue disponible en français.

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