We Happy Few: English Charm with a Pinch of Paranoia

We Happy Few takes place in an alternate, dystopic version of 1964 England. In an interview, Guillaume Provost, Founder of Compulsion Games, discusses the creative process behind the studio’s strong brands.

Compulsion Games, the Montréal studio behind the acclaimed Contrast, presents its latest creation, We Happy Few, a first-person survival game in which you have to escape from a retro-futuristic city with paranoid citizens under the influence of a drug called joy.

The creation of the fragmented atmosphere of this dystopic city results from the skillful juxtaposition of happy and creepy. According to the founder of Compulsion Games, total creative freedom is one of the greatest strengths of the independent studio.

“We don’t have a distributor or a marketing director; no one outside the company influences the games we create. This is the very essence of our creativity: we can take risks if we want to… I think this is what drives the creative originality of a project.”

—     Guillaume Provost, Founder of Compulsion Games

To view the interview:

The game will be available on Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux. We encourage you to support We Happy Few through its pre-launch campaign.

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