Introducing the Designer Journalist

The 2015 fall/winter edition of France-based Méta-Média’s handbook of the evolution of media trends: journalism, media usages and much more!

In December 2015, Méta-Média published the 10th edition of its Cahier de Tendances sur l’évolution des médias (handbook of the evolution of media trends).

Mainly focusing on journalism, the 10th edition explores the issues that seem most crucial today: journalists becoming more like information screenwriters, narrative designers of the world’s reality, high-impact producers, thanks to new technologies, from digital to online, and working under conditions more like other businesses, with other skill sets.

We’re posting the Cahier de Tendances on the CMF Trends blog because the topics it covers affect all content creators in the digital age: content formatting, the concept of co-production with the public, and the ways people use content to inform, entertain and educate themselves.

Enjoy the read!

Previous editions are all available for free (in French only) on Méta-Média website.
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