Broadcaster Envelope Program – English and French

The objective of the Broadcaster Envelope Program is to encourage partnerships between broadcasters, Distributors and producers to create content that Canadian audiences want to consume anytime, anywhere.  The majority of the CMF’s funding is disbursed through the Broadcaster Envelope Program.

Through this Program, the CMF allocates funding envelopes allocations to Canadian Broadcasters in an amount that reflects their track record of supporting Canadian programming. Broadcasters commit these funds to Canadian projects that they believe will appeal to their viewers. Even though Broadcasters receive a funding envelope allocation, the actual funding is paid directly to the Eligible Applicants according to a payment schedule.

Beginning in 2024-2025, English and French Broadcaster envelope allocations can be used for Eligible Projects at both the development and production stages.

Please click here to learn about PERSONA-ID and how it connects with your application.

Please click here to learn more about the CMF’s resources for Persons with Disabilities/Disabled Persons that need Accessibility Support to apply for CMF funding.

Dates to remember

Broadcaster Envelope Program (English and French): Production

First Opening Date
April 16, 2024
First Closing Date
October 17, 2024
Second Opening Date
October 17, 2024
Final Closing Date
December 5, 2024


Click here or email [email protected] to learn more about the CMF’s specific resources for persons with disabilities that need Accessibility Support to apply for CMF funding.

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Interim Financing

Applicants may choose to opt for interim financing, which involves assigning payments under the financing agreement to a bank as security. If you intend to access interim financing, complete the Notice and Direction form and forward it to your business analyst. If you are in Quebec, you will also have to forward a copy of the hypothec to your business analyst.