Our three most-read articles in 2017

Happy New Year to all our readers! Many of you have followed us in 2017, we thank you!

Some articles have really caught your attention and, as the arrival of a new year is traditionally a good time to take stock, we decided to share our three most popular posts of 2017.

1. Broadcasting Strategies for the Digital Age

The digital shift is well underway, but it can remain difficult to keep track of the rapid changes that can affect the promotion and distribution of content on the web. Benjamin Hoguet offers an excellent overview of the key ingredients to a successful marketing and distribution campaign: advertising on social networks, partnerships with established media outlets and reaching out to influencers.

2. TFO Is Using A Video Game Engine to Make TV, And It’s Working

Many innovative projects are born when bridges are established between disciplines that do not often work together. A striking example is that of Ontario’s French public broadcaster TFO. It uses a video game engine to create realistic virtual TV sets at a lower cost. Patrick Faller discussed how this project helped increase TFO’s audience size and grow the brand with Éric Minoli, vice-president and CTO at TFO.

3. TV Transformed: Inside the Shift to Streaming

How did streaming, binge watching and second-screening change the way TV shows are written and distributed? This is the question that Leora Kornfeld addresses in this article based on a conference that brought together in Boston a group of industry executives and academics. The answers provided help to better understand how creators and producers can adapt their content to match new media consumption habits.

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